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Announcing Ice Fog Analytics

Ice Fog Analytics, based in Whitehorse, Yukon, specializes in ensuring our customers make the best use of the data they collect.

I've been a builder and a doer my entire life. Growing up on a small farm instilled in me from a young age the importance of being a self-sufficient problem solver. Even after being away from that environment for a long time, I still receive great joy from being able to take an idea and see it through to completion.

Whether built of wood or code, big or small, creating is what I was made for. My journey through my career has taken me through a few different specialties in the IT world, but the common thread through all of it has been a focus on data. I've been really lucky to have worked for organizations and start-ups with massive amounts of data and have had great mentors. There truly is no substitute for that kind of experience.

I've been in the Yukon now for over a decade and have had the pleasure of meeting a lot of great people in many different organizations. I've enjoyed working at start-ups, established firms and most recently the Yukon Government. Just like everywhere nowadays, organizations across the Yukon collect data at an ever-increasing rate. Without the expertise and experience required to analyze, summarize and report on that data, it will just continue to fill hard drives rather than provide insights. This has been a recurring need I've seen - a hole if you will.

See a need- fill a need

Being a fixer, I recognized the need instantly as one the exact size that I could fill. My vision for Ice Fog Analytics is for it to become the first choice for any organization collecting data, but struggling to figure out what comes next. Accurate and timely operational reports are a great first step, but still can be difficult to generate and understand. Management reports and real-time dashboards would be a game changer, but who has the time and expertise for that?

Enter Ice Fog Analytics

I've seen decisions made based on hunches and guts. I've seen organizations fight over the definition of a day or a diagnosis. I've seen multiple copies of datasets, all slightly different. I've seen data collected for years without ever being looked at. Ice Fog Analytics can help in all of these scenarios. I've built data warehouses, dashboards, operational reports, and complex statistical analyses. I've developed data-collecting web and desktop apps, hosted on-premises and in the cloud. If any of this resonates with problems you are having, Ice Fog Analytics is right for you.

Please and I'd be happy to look at some of the problems your organization has been struggling with, prepare a quote and we'll take advantage of our expertise and experience to help you leverage and use your data.